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Diversity! - But in esports?


Jana Möglich

Diversity! – But in esports?

There is a great potential for esports being an inclusive sport with a high level of diversity. But although the gaming community in general is diverse (about 50/50 female/male players) we have a confusing situation: The higher you get in the professional sector the fewer women you find. I want to discuss with you about this paradoxon and try to give practical recommendations how to reach more diversity in the esports scene.

Gamedev & Esports Network


Esports and gender related topics regarding video games are Jana Möglich’s métier. She has been a competitive player and manager in several esport organisations for ten years. Her acquired expertise helped her in the function of a community manager at the Electronic Sports League. Later, in her bachelor and master thesis she also dealt with video games and esports in a scientific way. Nowadays Jana Möglich is engaged as esport consultant at the Initiative for the Support of the Game Industry in Schleswig-Holstein (IFgameSH), Germany. IFgameSH stands for SH as a location for the games industry and therefore deals with the sub-areas esports and game development.